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Гирлянда Лампочки
(29.09.2022г. 13:37)
Donaldgek Комментарии

Таким образом, светодиоды представляют собой наиболее экономичное решение, а светильники на их основе позволяют украсить любой объект лайт дом
Выбирая, купить ли дорогую или более дешевую гирлянду, нужно учесть ее параметры лампочка для гирлянды
Если же две одинаковые по своим характеристикам и габаритам модели предлагаются по разной цене, лучше выбрать более надежного производителя гирлянды уличные купить
В некоторых случаях это означает и более высокую стоимость прибора Уличные Гирлянды

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StevenNaw Комментарии
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Georgecep Комментарии
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DanielRog Комментарии
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JasonArcax Комментарии
Turkish pop star Gulsen Colakoglu has been jailed pending trial on charges of “inciting or insulting the public to hatred and enmity” after she made a joke about religious schools in Turkey, according to the state-run Anadolu news agency.

The charges appear to be related to a video circulating on social media from a Gulsen concert in April, when she joked about one of the musicians.

He “graduated from Imam Hatip (religious schools). That’s where his pervert side comes from,” she said.



Several Twitter users could be seen sharing the video on Thursday with a hashtag calling for her arrest and saying it is offensive to associate the schools with perverts.

Gulsen denies that she has committed any crime and is appealing the arrest, according to her lawyer Emek Emre.

After her detention, Gulsen shared a message on her official Twitter and Instagram accounts, apologizing to “anyone who was offended” by the joke and saying it had been twisted by “malicious people who aim to polarize our country.”

“I made a joke with my colleagues, with whom I have worked for many years in the business. It has been published by people who aim to polarize society,” she said.

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