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psixotrop dorilar
(13.03.2023г. 1:20) Larrylot
https://3d-baza.com/ - 3DBaza is the best online platform that puts together professional talented developers and designers, architects, animators, visualizers, and virtual showroom owners of 3D models in one place. You can buy three-dimensional models anytime and anywhere in our 3D stock. This is a great chance for sellers and buyers to bypass all geographic and time barriers.

The 3D model is a product of creative and mental work. With the help of our site you can solve a wide range of tasks — both visualizing a complex project and creating digital content for well-known brands or metaverse (NFTT) 3D models for your own start-up. The virtual volume representation allows you to understand and visualise the shape, details, material, texture, color, and scale as accurately as possible.

On the 3DBaza site, you can sell or buy 3D model for visualizing interiors, exteriors, landscape design, urban environment, play area, animation, virtual showrooms, applying 3d VR models, creating real layouts and metaverse 3D models (NFTs) and print it using a 3D printer, and bringing many other projects to life.

Our 3D stock offers you files of 3D models in the following formats: 3DsMax, fbx, obj; Maya, Cinema 4D, Zbrush; SketchUp, Blender, 3ds; Stl, UnrealEngine, AutoCAD; Revit, 3D-Coat, dxf; LightWave3D, Alembic, Unity; orbx, Collada, glTF; USDZ, Rhino and sbsar.

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